Fixed Fee Divorce

We offer a fixed fee divorce service preparing for the issue of a divorce petition and responding to a divorce petition. As part of the service of preparing for the issue of a divorce petition we will offer a 20 minute free consultation. The relevant stages and fees that apply are set out below.

Starting Divorce Proceddings
Stage 1 – Our fee £360.00 (including VAT) plus court issue fee of £550.00

Under this stage we will prepare and complete your divorce petition ready to be filed at court. Contact our divorce department here by completing the contact form. We will email to you our divorce questionnaire. Please fully complete the questionnaire and return it to our offices by post or email. We will then contact you and arrange for you to attend our offices for a free 20 minute consultation. If following the consultation you instruct us to proceed with the divorce we will then require from you payment of our fee in the sum of £360.00 (£300 plus VAT of £60.00) and also the sum of £550.00 being the court issue fee to issue the divorce petition. You will also have to supply your original marriage certificate. If you are entitled to a fee remission or exemption in respect of the court issue fee then we will help you in completing the relevant court form in this respect and we do not charge you for filling in this form.

Applying for Decree Nisi
Stage 2 – Our fee £210.00 (including VAT)

After your divorce petition has been issued at court, your spouse is required to respond to the divorce petition by completing an Acknowledgment of Service form and filing it with the court. A copy will be sent to you by the court. Under our fixed fee service if your spouse responds confirming that the divorce is not contested, we can prepare and application to be filed at court requesting your decree nisi. The decree nisi is an order of the court permitting the divorce to proceed. The divorce is not completed at this stage. Our fee for preparation of the application for the decree nisi is £210.00 (£175.00 plus VAT of £35.00). Following payment of our fee in this respect we will proceed to prepare the application for the decree nisi.

Applying for Decree Absolute
Stage 3 – Our fee £120.00 (including VAT)
As the Petitioner, we can assist with the application for the decree absolute 6 weeks after the pronouncement of the decree nisi provided that there are no objections by your spouse or the court. Our fee is £120.00 (£100 plus VAT of £20.00). Once the decree absolute is granted you are divorced.

Responding to a divorce petition
Acknowledgment of Service
Our fee £120 (including VAT)

If you require assistance in completing an Acknowledgment of Service following a divorce petition issued against you we can assist in completion of the Acknowledgment of Service for a fixed fee of £120.00 (£100.00 plus VAT of £20.00). This excludes defended or contested divorces and also excludes financial claims or matters concerning children.

Application for Decree Absolute
Our fee £180 (including VAT)

As the respondent to a divorce petition, you can apply for a decree absolute but only after 3 months from the earliest date the Petitioner can apply for the decree absolute and our fee for assisting you with this is £180 (£150 plus VAT of £30.) In addition it will be necessary for you to pay the court fee for the decree absolute of £45.00

Exclusions Our fixed fee service set out above excludes defended divorces, court fees, process server costs, affidavit fees, contact, residence and care matters concerning children and financial claims between you and your spouse. We do provide legal services in respect of these matters in relation to which we can provide you with our costs estimate upon enquiry.

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